Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Today, not a really good day :(
Regardless, I'm happy ! Jewel wee is finally 17 ! Haha, one of my three bestfriends, I love all three of them ! ;)
This year I tried my bestest to plan a whole lot of surprises for her, dk where I get all that mental energy from though ~ must be because I keep thinking that she'll be super happy :) I hope and know she is happy ! Her qin ai de is back from Malaysia for her ! :)
Do you girls know how much I love you and how much I missed those times where the all four of us are together ?!!! Like really ! I miss you girls ! I miss ntss times ~ :(

Right, enough for today ! Happy birthday loveeee ! I hope you're really happy !
Ps. I think I was being a bitch today -.- like really ;(

Signed off; Jiatung

Monday, April 9, 2012

Trying out ~

Oh yeah I got a blogger app in my phone ! Haha ~ it seem so easy to blog nowwww ~ my FB is as dead as my blog , just saying :p

Well, its a school day today and I'm awake and posting this now ? Haha, this is definitely a super random post can !

I'm happy yknow? Really, cause you're happy ! Tired tired tired, why am I so tired nowadays that I can't make out time for you ? What about the April babies ? Sorry you guys, I have really no time to prepare presents ! Why tests all this week ?!!! Why oh why ~

Yay, I'm excited for school today idk why ! Haha, but I shall work hard and do well in school so I will not disappoint myself and all of you out there who cares about me !

I love my friends ~ bestlovejane ♥
And I love Lee Donghae who is forever with me 😝

Can, that's all for today ! Or should I say, 'hey , the day is starting soon ! I should get ready ! :b

See you again !
Annyeong ! :)
Signed off; Jiatung 😁

Sunday, March 11, 2012


sigh, why am i so tired nowadays ? :O

first it was road run on friday, like so fun cause we got to do funny things and and don't have to think about school at all, but still, we were both super tired, jewel and me :( can't believe i really went to sleep at 8 and slept till the next morning. the feeling is just sucky :(

then today was really fun too ! sauna with best ! like really tired and sleepy and dehydrated ! but still fun la, these two days ~ my lovelies ~ ^^ and now i'm supposed to play draw something with yanmin, but my sister ended up playing ! :P hahahaha ~

anyway, talked about alot of things today, like all those memories and all the things that happen now to add on to those memories ~ the years passed so quickly, and after a while we will all grow old. time doesn't wait, but what matters is that we're doing what we want now, we are having fun now :) though now studying is most important, and we have to put our time all into studying right now, but i would love it if we can take time off a little while. like just for a moment. still, its tring, but i'll try my best to handle it both ways :)

the goal is not too far away, you just have to reach it.

alrighty, leaving, 再见 ! ^^

ζˆ‘ηˆ±ζŽδΈœζ΅· ! <3

signed off, jiatung :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What a day .

Today was a weird day.

Anyway, Best came to JJ and we were spending time together in the school ! like so awesome sia, we get to see each other and spend time together despite being in different schools ~ this is what i call bestfriends. no matter how far apart we are, we will find time for each other ~ ^^

Watched the soccer team having their friendly in school with lovee and best, girls team won hwa chong 1,0. and the guys on the other hand managed to get a 1,1. the guys match was so exciting i tell you, getting the ball near the goal, and the keeper pushed it out of the way ~ the best part, however, wasn't there :P

Funny how our eyes just got attracted to them like bees are attracted to honey, but its true, they're worth the watch :) 9 10 14 15 16 <3

omg ~ just can't stop thinking sia, sigh why liddat ~

kay, thats all for the nice part of the day .

you should just get that some jokes are not to be made. or perhaps, you SHOULD know when to stop before you cross the line. not that i really mind, but the world doesn't only revolve around you, so don't be a childish asshole.

none of my business really, but some people should just grow up.

alright, gonna sleep now, bye ~

signed off; jiatung :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2 weeks to promos ...

Sometimes i really wonder if I can pass my promos... It's not normal for me to be feeling this negative but I am really worried for physics, I seem to get it but I probably don't ? And econs and Gp,
I'm not putting much effort in those two now thinking that I need to put in more effort in my h2 subjects ... Hopefully I'll still be able to pass those two ... Really when I pass my physics I'll jump for joy haha, but provided I'll pass ... Okay I can do it, it's not hard, and it's interesting :) getting physics is really the best feeling now ~ I'm not planning my stuffs well now but I shall just look forward ... Leave the whole day for econs today and the remaining days of the week for physics, I WILL get forces and do well for kinematics and circular motion since they are my favourite subjects now ! Hwaiting !
λ„Œ μžλΌλ‹€ .
Can you smile , λ„€κ°€ μ›ν•˜μž”λ‚˜ .

Monday, March 5, 2012

Resolution ?

maybe i should blog often ~ like make it a daily routine :) but it might affect my homework :o still, its nice to just type, improve in my sentence structure by writing more ? maybe :)

this week is gonna be a relatively slack week with all the semtrex and road run thingy, but work is not gonna stop. there is chemistry test tmr >< i mean, it might just be mcq, but still there's a lot of effort to put in. a little test might affect everything. ah yes, the TCA ! sigh, i hope i'll be able to pass that ~.~

school work aside, netball is really fun ! CCA is the only time you won't think about school work, i mean literary .
and breaks is still the best of all ! talked to Jewel and Fatin and then laughed with Diyanah, Maaz, Afiq and Kenneth ~ where did Novell go anyway :O

Don't have to think too much about whatever r/s problems, friendship and all . now is definitely not the time for such stuffs. you guys got to back off for my dearest tutorials .

Yeah, just smile, thats the way to live on .

Gonna study now ~ seeya soon :)

signed off; Jiatung <3

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Feeling super wtf right now...
i want a new phone ! i want white i phone 4 ! but it all have to wait till august -.-\
sigh whatever la.

and oh, i cut my hair just now, not that much difference though, but the fringe is slant now, hope it look nice, i haven't even look myself in the mirror !

don't wanna say more, leaving .

signed off : Jiatung .

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Change .

And life starts all over again.

Posted to JJC and it is already four weeks since school started ! Things happen so damn fast, literary! Life is just school, tutorial, sleep. then it goes all over again :O
Super fed up when I don't understand a single shit of GP >< like I should start reading up on things or something >< This happens when you don't work hard in Secondary school. shit happens .
Have too much to catch up on for JC. I better start putting in my best or i'll be the one regretting my life.

Despite the fact that school sucks, friends are the cure to anything ! met up with the JAY last Wednesday and we had a hell lot of fun in IMM ! though we used to go there like free and it really doesn't make sense to feel fun in IMM, but thats the point, just by meeting up with my babes, i feel happy ~ thats the life ~ ^^

talked and talked for what seems forever, but time passes really quickly when we're having fun, and then its time to go home :( still, it is just great having to spend time with them, the love-s of my life ! <3

and then there is the school people ! OG2 are super wonderful people and they really light up my life in school ! feel less stress around them and we could just talk all day long ~ they are the only other people including the Newtowners and Diyanah, who are worth mentioning in the school ! like seriously. my class is such a fail. wonder how would it be like if OG2 is my class ? the awesome-est group in my life - OG2 ~

Yeah, and there is Diyanah ! the only classmate i stick to, and like ! the class and vice-class r/s, we have fun together ! sarcastic like novell ! with the both of them together, it'll be the nosiest time ever ! ^^

Just life . Live the right way, do the right thing, make fun out of the sucky lifestyle here.
Yeah, and we make it awesome .

Not to leave Super Junior out !

signed off : Jiatung :)