Sunday, September 4, 2011

One Free Day !

I'm gonna take a break off today !

Daddy and JW went to Malaysia for the weekend, so only Mummy and I are left at home ! so, i should use this day to use my computer ;p hahaha, i've got plans for today ~

Firstly, i'm going to continue new ideas for the story, finally made a breakthrough ! HAHAHAHAHAHA MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ~ okay, i'm going crazy...

Then, i'm going to start on the second senario, for my best, i think she's too obsessed with the first -.-
yknow what best?! i think i can start on the second one already ! i've got new inspirations ~ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ~

and yeah, idk what to say anymore...
see you peeps.
ciao .
signed off ; jiatung .