Sunday, March 11, 2012


sigh, why am i so tired nowadays ? :O

first it was road run on friday, like so fun cause we got to do funny things and and don't have to think about school at all, but still, we were both super tired, jewel and me :( can't believe i really went to sleep at 8 and slept till the next morning. the feeling is just sucky :(

then today was really fun too ! sauna with best ! like really tired and sleepy and dehydrated ! but still fun la, these two days ~ my lovelies ~ ^^ and now i'm supposed to play draw something with yanmin, but my sister ended up playing ! :P hahahaha ~

anyway, talked about alot of things today, like all those memories and all the things that happen now to add on to those memories ~ the years passed so quickly, and after a while we will all grow old. time doesn't wait, but what matters is that we're doing what we want now, we are having fun now :) though now studying is most important, and we have to put our time all into studying right now, but i would love it if we can take time off a little while. like just for a moment. still, its tring, but i'll try my best to handle it both ways :)

the goal is not too far away, you just have to reach it.

alrighty, leaving, 再见 ! ^^

我爱李东海 ! <3

signed off, jiatung :)

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