Saturday, July 30, 2011

Not so happy am i ?

sometimes, it will be better if you think in our point of view .

seriously, it sucks yknow, there must be a same problem every year . last year it was on my birthday and do you know how disappointed i was ? forget it, like you cared at all . and this year, i don't know what to say, immunue? nah, i still cry over it . when will this end ?

idk if i'm getting any stress at all for my 'o' levels, i have been wasting a lot of time on not so important things ! am i getting sensitive too ? i seem like i think a lot these days too...
nah, nevermind, everything will pass, and after 4 months, i will not have to worry about 'o's anymore !
god bless me :)

gtg now, it's getting late >.<
signed off ; jiatung .

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I've got a new idea ! :)

hey and hey.

i've just thought of the best way of letting out my inspiration, that is, another blog ! ;P

how is it going on ? still strong ? or is it just held together by a tiny little thread ?
then i hope this thread is made up of steel ...

anyway, o's are coming up and stress level is going up, up and UP ! relax girl relax, i'll find my way through.

got to go let my inspirations out !
annyeong !
signed off; jiatung :)