Saturday, January 23, 2010


well, the last post really sounded serious.. anyway, things are better now, and i should talk about happy things now. wait, really sorry to the people i got angry with yesterday, my screw is loose or something... ahhhh regretted!!! SORRY!!!
anyway, don't feel like talking about yesterday so i will talk about today.
woke up. ate and tution.
bestfriend messaged me when i am going tution and feeling bored and talked about how not calm am i... arh... then, during tution there is like two girls drawing on the board about some prince and princess the story, and they locked the teacher out of the classroom! hahaha! funniest thing is they put the blame on someone else! right, then took bus and came home ;)
realise how pathetic sec 3 life is when i just realise it is already the end of the third week of school... i thought it was still first week of school! i really have some screw in my head that is loose...
Friendship is not something that can be taken for granted, when you lose it, it is harder to get it back then to have it. treasure it while it's still with you. Happy Friendship Day. I love you all.
signed off; jiatung ;)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


i have nothing to say seriously, what the hell is my/your problem?!! i/you can just go away and leave you/me alone. don't give me hope...
school. bus. home.
this is what that is happening everyday, well at least today.
funny, the guys are transferring and i don't hope they could, WHEN IT'S REALLY NONE OF MY BUSINESS!!!
yup, that's what's so funny.
went home with bestfriend and love ;) like their company ;) felt bad for not being able to eat with hazel, promised to go home with her before that. well, mydearjane,hazel and the usual guys went to sp to eat, don't know if mydearjane went. anyway, just feel abit bad today. not anything to do with anyone here, i also don't know myself.
crap. i don't like what i'm feeling now. forget about it. leave it alone. get away from me.
it's not that i don't like you, i just don't like you, do you even understand? are you even looking at this in the first place?! can't you just think abit out of the box? i hate it when you say the same thing over and over again. crap, it's all crap. you crab.
idiot! i'm losing faith in myself, and it's all yourfault!
man, it's the first time i've been scolding in my blog. this is not to anyone who knows this blog, i'm just scolding someone.
right, before i got really angry and type out whatever i'm feeling in this post, i should end this post.
have a nice day and bye.
signed off; jiatung

ps. can't put smiley faces now.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010, right.

The first post for 2010, it is like the second week of school and seriously i am almost dead... why? lessons seem so boring everyday, yet i felt like i learnt quite alot of things and then there is homework too... anyway, my stomach was like damn pain today, maybe because i drank too much cold water yesterday. bad D; oh! the sec 4s took their 'o' level results yesterday and realised that i was more excited then them... funny me ;) AND! i forgotten to say thankyou to puiyi who brought the books for me yesterday! so nice of her ;) suddenly realised how random is this post... okay, today, took 196 with bestfriend,love, mydearjane, hazel, mingpeng, junxian, junwei and jaryl to jewel house there and then took 963 with bestfriend home as usual ;) haha, bestfriend looked abit depressed or something today, or am i being too sensitive? anyway, if she is really depressed or isit something got to do with me, hope she would tell me ;) be happier, we have to go though the coming two years in a good mood, or else it is easy to feel pressurised by the new sets of work we faced ;) this is for all my friends around by the way ;) we are what we have . hope we could all do well in this new year and be at the happiest at all times ! ;D
right, finding for some science thing, and the photos that meldon said he uploaded now, so, think i would end the post here ;)
byebye ;)
signed off, jiatung.