Monday, April 9, 2012

Trying out ~

Oh yeah I got a blogger app in my phone ! Haha ~ it seem so easy to blog nowwww ~ my FB is as dead as my blog , just saying :p

Well, its a school day today and I'm awake and posting this now ? Haha, this is definitely a super random post can !

I'm happy yknow? Really, cause you're happy ! Tired tired tired, why am I so tired nowadays that I can't make out time for you ? What about the April babies ? Sorry you guys, I have really no time to prepare presents ! Why tests all this week ?!!! Why oh why ~

Yay, I'm excited for school today idk why ! Haha, but I shall work hard and do well in school so I will not disappoint myself and all of you out there who cares about me !

I love my friends ~ bestlovejane ♥
And I love Lee Donghae who is forever with me 😝

Can, that's all for today ! Or should I say, 'hey , the day is starting soon ! I should get ready ! :b

See you again !
Annyeong ! :)
Signed off; Jiatung 😁

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