Wednesday, June 30, 2010

blog almost dead. happy birthday bestfriend .

hey people. this blog is almost dead and i so sorry about that.
bestfriend's birthday,together with three others today. happy birthday guys. i love you bestfriend :)
went to imm with bestfriend, love and mydearjane and had a lot of fun there. took pictures all the way there, mydearjane took the pictures and had only contributed her fingers and legs. couldn't stand well the whole journey though, legs still wobbly from training on monday. love almost banged the guy standing behind/next to her, beatfriendand mydearjane almost flew when the bus brake, and i support myself against the hard cushion thing in the bus. made a lot of noise in the bus that almost everyone was looking at us. i guessed that. :)
reached imm, went to eat pepper lunch. bestfriend was happy about her birthday and said that the discount thing in the shirt shop was for her. then i said there is a discount for love in aries in her birthday month, then love was like, "then for cancer (horoscope) patients there should be a 50% discount for cancer (illness) operations." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! i burst out laughing like that and MDJ says that i laughed like a dog :( it was really funny anyway. then we ate and talk and take pictures like usual. i love the way we can do things together. (L)
going to watch super junior now, aish, i really love them :)
GTG, annyeong.
signed off : jiatung :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

people .

hello hello, it's been a long time... last paper tomorrow, physics, hope i can do well :) it will be a short post today, see ya soon :)
signed off; jiatung

Thursday, March 11, 2010

when we're alone together

hohoho ! school as per normal today, mdm rosnah didn't come today so i did my quickwrite in ss and part of my chinese too :) talked to yiqing and linhan during ss and we had alot of fun talking about being professionals :) hahaha :) then, recess, we were talking about ah tay and the taylee,limtay thing then when change back become taytay(hahaha) and limlee :) hahaha, you understand don't you ? :) then school then going home :)
bestfriend and mydearjane went to watch i don't know what movie and so love and i went to clementi to eat. before we went, because love no money, we go around borrowing money from people and got the money from someone . ' jewel, you need isit? jewel i have :D' haha :) hor love? hahaha :) haha, then while we were walking out, love realise that she still need 55 cents to take bus, so, ' jewel , i will kill you one day ... when i dare ... ' we turned back and borrowed money from hoping :) haha :) then, to clementi !
we wanted to eat the duck rice there at first and then when we walk there, we saw the whole hawker close down -.- so, we walked a big round back to sumo house and went inside to sit . then, ' we only have $8 can eat what arh? i feel like eating the one with the sashimi leh... that one add my one add gst not enough leh... i go kfc one round and see if we meet anyone we know :) ' then love went to kfc -.- then i don't know how long later, ' i got $3 ! ' she went to macs then saw harlina then her friend lent us $3 -.- then when we count the money, we realise that we want to drink drink also so we go find love's bag see if have a few coins for the gst payment ... then found one dollar, ' YAY ! ' then go pay !!! :') very touched for the people to lend us money when we needed it :') hahaha! :)while we were eating, we talked alot about the future stuffs :) and ! about alot of people treating jewel as a guy , hahaha!
when we left, we saw ayeyu and chelsia coming out from clementi sports hall and we asked them who is inside then we went inside to play :) then, when we come out, we went to ntuc to find some thing we can drink which cost 40 cents and there is nothing there which cost 40 cents except for the sunkist orange :) hahaha :) then, walked to busstop and continue talking about future , and life :)then, our buses came and we went home :) it was a very nice day :) (except for the part where we go around borrow money and playing badminton when we are not supposed to and don't have money for drinks and, oh well, if there isn't all this, today will not be memorable :) ) I LOVE YOU LOVE! :)
and of course, I LOVE MY BESTFRIEND AND MYDEARJANE TOO :) (ah ha! you can't say i forgotten you two :) )
anyway, anyway, i will always remember this day, the best lunch i had with my LOVE till now :) haha, we only had three lunch together :) haha:)
got to go do work now, bye :)
signed off; jiatung

Friday, March 5, 2010


cross country today. met bestfriend and angie at clementi today and went to chinese garden by taxi :) wow, feels like we are back to last year when we went there together too :) took alot of pictures during cross country and i actually didn't really run... anyway, love got leg cramps and she is sad because she couldn't do her best... it okay okay love?? :) before we left, mydearjane and bestfriend still go and take three bottles of orange juice come back :) hahaha :) then we went to westmall cause it's near mydearjane's piano there. we wanted to eat sakae at first but then cause the buffet is like 4 that time then start then we go eat baked rice in swensens :) spammed photos there too :) wherever we go, we will take photos :) haha :) then we walked around and mydearjane and i was hiding from love and bestfriend then turns out that we want to go find them again... we went to popular and mydearjane saw a furry furry press press book then we were pressing that book for a moment and off we went to find the girls again :) our next destination was the comics connection, we actually liked it there and spent our time in there until lve and bestfrieng come looking for us :) hahaha :)then we went to take neoprints at the arcade there :) it was damm cool, we asked zhiting ang xinlei to help us buy the card then they help us to do the payment outside while we rush in the machine with them blocking us, they are nice people :) haha :0 then there was one photo of me not looking in the photo... after we decorated the pictures and stuffs, we were wondering where to take the pictures and find around the machine until we found it at the corner :) it was like we were looking around for the pictures and trying not to get caught too :) haha :) then we walked around again and this time we went to a gift shop and we were looking at all the cute cute things and hit a giant somebody :) hahaha:) then something happen to mydearjane and we were laughing all the way and then love bumped into someone in his face... hahaha:) went to the toilet next cause love say she want to go to the toilet since awhile ago and i also don't know why i go push her then she fall infront for awhile then i was laughing like mad :) then i went home, mydearjane didn't go piano and then she and love and bestfriend went to jp for i don't know what but i have to go home cause i have tution... :( tution was okay today so still okay and now here i am :)
watching shows now :)
see ya!
signed off; jiatung

Monday, February 22, 2010


school, badminton training, home .
school was okay today, chinese was the best, wow, first time :) because we were doing the cao fang zi thing in chinese then because we didn't bring our materials, we end up talking about movies... haha :) physics test today and i didn't know it until this morning... anyway, it was quite okay for me and i'm suppose to cheat with hazellee and the best thing is i didn't even ask her a single question. -.- right, left the second last part blank...
badminton training was fun ;) not really, maybe because i never really did proper exercise in the holidays, never eat or coughings this few days that made me feel bad today, the feeling sucks.. anyway, did some physical trainings and then end of training.
waited for meldon to go home today . bestfriend say since he waited for us for the last few trainings so we just waited for his training to end and leave together . talked to bestfriend about all the things around us as usual and some random stuffs with meldon... then, home sweet home :)
your attitude is bad . sometimes i really wonder what are you thinking really, we are confused . you should not deserve this .
need to do homework now, sayo .
signed off ; jiatung

Saturday, February 20, 2010


i miss e 2/4 . i miss the times we had together . i miss everyone of you . come back, the feeling, the people, the irreplaceable you .
the pain . you will never understand .

this is stupid .

i have no idea what should i do . i'm tired, yes i am .
can you tell me how you feel about me ? i don't care even if it is something bad . i hope you or even i could do something before the worst thing will happen between us . we feel awkward with each other around, that's bad . i hope i could pick up my courage and do something . wish me luck .

my mum came back yesterday, but leaving tomorrow again . realise how tired it is to do all the chores myself ... can't think properly this few days, hope my math will be okay...

blogging is nice, but when you are blogging about something unpleasant, you don't feel good . this will explain all the rubbish i am talking about now .

leaving .
signed off ; jiatung

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy chinese new year.

happy chinese new year. while we are saying this, who can really be happy in the new year?? well, anything. hope things would really be better in the new year.
if there is anything, i hope you would tell me or ask me personally, don't discuss it among yourselves. i don't want to be the last to know.
nothing more.
signed off; jiatung

Sunday, February 7, 2010


i thought it would be obvious. down, sad, crying inside, i thought you would sense something. yet you are still laughing on the outside. sometimes i really wonder what are you thinking about. oh wait there's another one, you said nothing will happen. disappointed, yes i am.
why did you get close to me for? i hope it is really for me and not for some other people. when you reached your goal will you still be with me? yet again, disappointed.
something is pulling us apart. what is it? or is it just because i'm being oversensitive? or did i think too much about the relationship between us in which i feel that it is important but you dont?
are relationship so easily broken? i don't know about you, but i really want it to stay strong.
" it is the bond between us that bring us together, treasure it. "
bf,L. i'll love you forever.
gc. thanks for everything given, ILY.
s. really, your presence is good.
busybody, you can say that.
(L) another time.
signed off; jiatung

Thursday, February 4, 2010

school = blog dead

i mean, seriously, how long have i not been using the computer ?? school is normal. always together with, bestfriend, love, mydearjane, hazel, feng en, min er, the guys... yup, that's my life. it's really nice to be with them, really. i just feel bored when everyday is like homework homework and more homework. -.- my face will look like that soon.
put boring things aside, tomorrow! no badminton which means no pt, which also means having time with friends! tomorrow will be fun! yup it will be! ;)
just want to tell you this, even without them, i will be there for you ;) you don't have to feel that you are left out in any way, i'm here, we are ;) be happy, that's what i would always say, and the only thing that i could say right now, tomorrow will be better ;) agreed? ;)
something random, think i am in love with the sun. the bright bright sun ;) it's part orange actually ;P

' a new sun's rise spells a brand new day. ' quoted by me ;D
that's all for the day then ;) goodnight and sweet dreams ;)
signed off; jiatung

Saturday, January 23, 2010


well, the last post really sounded serious.. anyway, things are better now, and i should talk about happy things now. wait, really sorry to the people i got angry with yesterday, my screw is loose or something... ahhhh regretted!!! SORRY!!!
anyway, don't feel like talking about yesterday so i will talk about today.
woke up. ate and tution.
bestfriend messaged me when i am going tution and feeling bored and talked about how not calm am i... arh... then, during tution there is like two girls drawing on the board about some prince and princess the story, and they locked the teacher out of the classroom! hahaha! funniest thing is they put the blame on someone else! right, then took bus and came home ;)
realise how pathetic sec 3 life is when i just realise it is already the end of the third week of school... i thought it was still first week of school! i really have some screw in my head that is loose...
Friendship is not something that can be taken for granted, when you lose it, it is harder to get it back then to have it. treasure it while it's still with you. Happy Friendship Day. I love you all.
signed off; jiatung ;)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


i have nothing to say seriously, what the hell is my/your problem?!! i/you can just go away and leave you/me alone. don't give me hope...
school. bus. home.
this is what that is happening everyday, well at least today.
funny, the guys are transferring and i don't hope they could, WHEN IT'S REALLY NONE OF MY BUSINESS!!!
yup, that's what's so funny.
went home with bestfriend and love ;) like their company ;) felt bad for not being able to eat with hazel, promised to go home with her before that. well, mydearjane,hazel and the usual guys went to sp to eat, don't know if mydearjane went. anyway, just feel abit bad today. not anything to do with anyone here, i also don't know myself.
crap. i don't like what i'm feeling now. forget about it. leave it alone. get away from me.
it's not that i don't like you, i just don't like you, do you even understand? are you even looking at this in the first place?! can't you just think abit out of the box? i hate it when you say the same thing over and over again. crap, it's all crap. you crab.
idiot! i'm losing faith in myself, and it's all yourfault!
man, it's the first time i've been scolding in my blog. this is not to anyone who knows this blog, i'm just scolding someone.
right, before i got really angry and type out whatever i'm feeling in this post, i should end this post.
have a nice day and bye.
signed off; jiatung

ps. can't put smiley faces now.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010, right.

The first post for 2010, it is like the second week of school and seriously i am almost dead... why? lessons seem so boring everyday, yet i felt like i learnt quite alot of things and then there is homework too... anyway, my stomach was like damn pain today, maybe because i drank too much cold water yesterday. bad D; oh! the sec 4s took their 'o' level results yesterday and realised that i was more excited then them... funny me ;) AND! i forgotten to say thankyou to puiyi who brought the books for me yesterday! so nice of her ;) suddenly realised how random is this post... okay, today, took 196 with bestfriend,love, mydearjane, hazel, mingpeng, junxian, junwei and jaryl to jewel house there and then took 963 with bestfriend home as usual ;) haha, bestfriend looked abit depressed or something today, or am i being too sensitive? anyway, if she is really depressed or isit something got to do with me, hope she would tell me ;) be happier, we have to go though the coming two years in a good mood, or else it is easy to feel pressurised by the new sets of work we faced ;) this is for all my friends around by the way ;) we are what we have . hope we could all do well in this new year and be at the happiest at all times ! ;D
right, finding for some science thing, and the photos that meldon said he uploaded now, so, think i would end the post here ;)
byebye ;)
signed off, jiatung.