Saturday, September 26, 2009


Didn't want to do this... felt that I'm not being a very good friend... the insensitive, the uncaring, the neglecting... when you guys feel hurt,i can't do anything to make you guys happy, i always tell all of you to stay positive and be happy and i know it doesn't help but, i thought it will be better for you to be happier because everything will have their solutions and it is no use to feel sad... am i right like that? i felt that we all have an invisible barrier between us... i am really sad when you all are sad but i didn't want you all to feel more down by seeing me sad... whenever i walked on a overhead bridge, all my sad feelings just come out... tried to control the feeling when walking home with you... because you were so happy that time... when you are up on a bridge when you are sad, you can't help looking down at the cars and feel that happy moments just come and go... why can't happy moments stay? this made me really tired and it hurt me so much...
Felt that we are further and further apart and not talking as much... felt that i wasn't as happy as before with you all and i really hate this feeling... why can't we be as close as before?? i know it is difficult because all of us are not used to taking the first step, but, i don't mind... just tell me how you feel and i will really do my best to make us all feel better... we can do this before it is too late.
It is difficult to care for everyone, accordin to jx, but if i really made an effort, i believe i can do it, right? could i just continue being happy infront of all of you? i really don't like to be sad... hope one day i would be able to convince myself that it is the sad things that would come and go... by then, i would really be happy.
It is easy to see me happy because i am easily satisfied and would forget problems fast... but this doesn't mean the problem is solved... work hard with me would you?
really sorry/thank you to all my friends who i have let down/who work hard to put up with me.
signed off, jiatung,who really want to solve(if there is any) friendship problems...

Thursday, September 24, 2009


hello, i am here again.. well, i did not really made my last post THE LAST POST before the exams, i am doing the music video now and realized that i am suppose to have all my videos to open the file junxian sent to me. now i am stuck in the middle of nowhere... right, i still have to pass the thing up tomorrow... lucky i still had the videos in my house computer!!! if not i will not be able to do the video... ALL THANKS TO JUNXIAN, who did not bring my thumbdrive to school for me, hor junxian? that really means i must off my laptop which iam using now and go on the house com... it does not make any difference anyway :)
well, the post here is delicated to my jewel love :) haha! :) happy about it? and i promised i would say you get full marks for your maths too!! :) haha! its so cool la, i had never got a full mark for tests before:( anyway, we were having fun today too ;) talking about junxian being an alien who have the six sense of a woman and that junxian go and say he can become man or woman... haha! ah!!! and you saw your granfather at coldstorage... haha! i didn't know even until junxian keep laughing like crazy and you suddenly run away ;) haha!:) then at last then i find out cause junxian say... aiyo... haha:)
right, yanmin and amanda didn't talk much today... :( don't always look so down girls... haha! we must all be happy and believe that there is always a solution for problems. :) smile more too ;) i must reply amanda and jewel's letter too!!! think i got to go now... ;) bye ! ;)
signed off, jiatung :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Post before the exams!!! ;)

Right, my last post was at the 13 september... haha ;)
I woke up at eight today, guess why? i slept at seven p.m and then never wake up throughout the night... don't understand why am i so tired... haha, and yanmin called me at about 8 plus but then i too tired to pick up and just leave the phone ringing.. haha;) so sorry to yanmin ;( anyway, we had fun yesterday ;)
haha, during higher mother tongue yesterday, my dear jewel was screaming like alot because of gao qiang then when junxian finish his work, he keep telling gao qiang jewel like joshua, jaron and leroy ;) haha, funny... ;) oh, jewel wrote me a motivation leter too ;) after that we went down the canteen saw hannah and go to jewel's house there to take my 963. We walked to her house then halfway, it suddenly drizzle abit. Hannah and me were like walking infront talking about stuffs and then jewel at the back keep like, ' jiatung, junxian bully me... ' haha ;) then hannah was like helping junxian then i was like helping jewel... haha;) then on the way when we saw junxian and jewel holding hands, hannah and me was like, eh, they all very tian mi right? then we also gu yi hold hands for them to see;) haha;) jewel was like, 'we more sweet loh ;) ' haha ;) right, after that we stop at the 963 bus stop and it started raining very heavily, luckly we were quite fast ;) oh, i remembered when hannah wanted to use jewel's phone to poke junxian's that one then she was like one two three, then i wacked junxian's stomach and jewel pushed junxian making him go forward and the phone almost zhong there... haha;) we were like laughing like hell and junxian keep saying he almost no father's day ;) haha ;) it was fun ;) then i went home in 963, it was still raining then my mum help me bring a umbrella down ;) i love my mum ;) and all my other friends of course ;)
oh, i messaged yanmin just now ;) haha;) i miss jewel, yanmin, hannah, amanda, junxian, hazel and almost everyone ;) haha, i don't think i could post anymore in this few weeks because of the exams and i must work hard ;) jiayous to everyone having the exams ;)
Should end this post now ;) signed off, jiatung ^^

Monday, September 14, 2009


HAHA! i'm in school now, and just linked TRUMAN and JEWEL!!! HAHA, JEWEL did bring me a letter today, love her ^^ HAHA! Well, thers gonna be badminton today and we are going to have FUN!!! hope i could write another post later, later.:) editing the post now ;) because yanmin said i did not mention her on this post ;) haha, okay, I LOVE MY DEAR YANMIN!!! HAHA ;)
signed off, jiatung ^^

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The higher your hopes, the more disapointment you will get...

Well, this is what i learnt a long time ago that make me awake from my dreams...
Anyway, this is just a part of my memory and i would not want to start talking about this. ;)
oh, I JUST WASHED MY CAREBEAR!!! HAHA, it is bright ORANGE now and smells nice ;) HAHA!
heard that truman's bear is lost somewhere in his house after the bear dropped into the mud and washed clean... the poor bear;( I LOVE THE CAREBEAR FAMILY!!! HAHA!!
oh! JEWEL just wrote me a LETTER and i must remind her to bring it for me tomorrow... HAHA, that was a bit random...
eh, feeling very bored now, maybe i shall just end the post here...
signed off, jiatung <>

Friday, September 11, 2009


Hi my dears ;) HAHA, both of you tagged ;) YAY! super hyper today@@@ dunno what am ityping now,,, okay, just visited facebook and took the sexiest friends thing... Truman's 100% sexiest friend is GLENN!!! Guess thats what makes me laugh so much and become so hyper ;) my results are;

#1 - Sheryl Seah - Yes!!!! 100% sexy!
#2 - Charles Lim - 86% Sexy !
#3 - Dorcas Teo - 74% Sexy !
#4 - Wen Jun - 70% Sexy !
#5 - Truman Tan - 66% Sexy !
HAHAHA! FUNNY, jaron is 70% and truman is 66% sseexxyy... HAHA!
I playing with my sister now... some stupid aeroplane chess thing ;) haha ;)
Have nothing to do now, yanmin say she can't see me in facebook... well, i am still in facebook. Amanda, Yanmin, and the guys were suppose to come to my house today to do the music project but since the mels never reply messages, we just cancelled doing the music project...
Anyway, i miss going back to school and miss all my dear friends... especially my dear jane and my dear yanmin. ;(
Two more days to school reopen ;) Then we can all have fun together again ;)
signed off; jiatung (L) all her friends ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

PHOTOS!!! YAY! i made it ;)


great! i manage to upload photos, not enough time for me to upload some more...
And!!! stupid melvin and meldon never reply amanda, and my messages!!!

I HAVE NOT abandoned my blog, NOT YET...

Great, i am here again today. It was a boring day again, and i spent the whole of my afternoon writing questions for my sister for her revision. HA! If she scores well for her PSLE, she will have to thank me! HAHA, kidding, i surely hope she would score well... YAY!!! I'm going Korea in the December holidays!!! HAHA, that was damn random... okay, i am really bored now so i will try uploading photos ^^

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bored... Some random stuffs...

As you can see, i am feeling very bored now and i just tried editing the videos that i'm suppose to edit. It didn't seem as hard thankfully ;) Anyways, i was about to go out to watch a movie and thanks to my sister and her MATHS, i couldn't go... sian... ;(
TODAY; Well, thankks to myself, i went to school in the morning even when mr wong message me at 7.30 in the morning, but i didn't recieve it because i didn't turn on my phone... wl... i could have not gone to school la!!! Anyways, i saw yanmin in school then she talking to kenneth gwee at that time. It was then when i know that there is no maths lesson and found out that yanmin called me 68 TIMES!!! OMG!!! so sorry to her... I then went to pay for the IT Course thing. We left school after that and saw feng en and glenn. we took 151 with glenn home and then go eat subway at my hse... I STILL OWE YANMIN $0.30 haha... i remembered ^^ And we talked alot today... about 豆豆 the family haha! right, yanmin ;) AND, before i go, yanmin, believe what i said today.... ^^
signed off; jiatung (L)

HELLO!!! TAYYANMIN, i did this for you...

Hello people!!! Let me see, this post here is just to say HI and tell TAYYANMIN that i made this blog for her!!! HAPPY?!! Great... i have no idea what to say now and i think i am going to abandon this blog after a while... Hope my 'awhile' is a long time... OH! before i go, hope our dearest form teacher Mr Wong will get well from his ear infection...
PS; He even cancelled our maths remedial because of that...
love, jiatung