Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2 weeks to promos ...

Sometimes i really wonder if I can pass my promos... It's not normal for me to be feeling this negative but I am really worried for physics, I seem to get it but I probably don't ? And econs and Gp,
I'm not putting much effort in those two now thinking that I need to put in more effort in my h2 subjects ... Hopefully I'll still be able to pass those two ... Really when I pass my physics I'll jump for joy haha, but provided I'll pass ... Okay I can do it, it's not hard, and it's interesting :) getting physics is really the best feeling now ~ I'm not planning my stuffs well now but I shall just look forward ... Leave the whole day for econs today and the remaining days of the week for physics, I WILL get forces and do well for kinematics and circular motion since they are my favourite subjects now ! Hwaiting !
넌 자라다 .
Can you smile , 네가 원하잔나 .

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