Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hello hello

Its been long. Its been hectic. 

So i guess A levels have finished. And i did try my best so much that i find it unbearable to think back on how i studied. :o 

Anyway, so now im back in blogger, might be blogging often now since everything is almost over, but i cant give promises, haha :p btw, the reason i decided to blog again is ambiguous. Perhaps its an inspiration from a certain someone/blog, or maybe its just me wanting to face reality through the virtual world, ironically. 

Graduation night was yesterday, and i had an unexpectedly great time haha. Great phototaking time actually, dinner with Min Er's classmates was damn awks can :o HAHA just saying ~ but oh well, enjoyed my night nonetheless <3 and that one photo that im very satisfied at<3

Now, im getting ready to go back to M'sia ~ see you all soon <3 

Ps. Got into VIXX recently, hope they'll be able to win smtg with their newest comeback, Voodoo Doll <3 shall have a post on my kpop soon ! 

Signed off: Jiatung :)   

Thursday, March 28, 2013


I swear cocoPPa is freaking pretty ;)

Yippee finally ended common test today ~ but i know im not gonna do well for this test definitely -.- oh well . Keep telling myself to work harder, but that is obviously not happening -.- I guess KPOP is my ultimate inspiration then ~ cant wait for Infinite's album to reach my hands !

Met best today too ! Like finally after more than two weeks ?!!!!! :O #mindblown #bestfriend #loveher #most trusted friend :') hahaha, these hash tags actually says everything !!!!!! Im so glad that i have a best friend like her and im not even kidding ! :') (at this time i really need that emoji with the smiling with tears face) 😂

Hello best, i may not have been the bestest friend in the world and i might not know how to express myself with words but you know i love you as much as you do ~ hahaha :p anyway yes though recently we did not talk that much or might be in that cold part of the relationship but it'll all be okay soon ~ i'll try to express myself with words more often ! Love you ❤

I love cocoPPa cause it made blogger(icon) so pretty that i might visit it more often ~

Till then ~
Signed off; Jiatung *muacks*

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Happy Chinese New year eve ! :)

It feels like a normal day to me though ~
Was looking through my Kakao talk and story today and i realize it is very cute omg haha :)) i wanna use it ~ okay i shall ask best to switch to Kakao talk ~

Watching some hilarious Chinese show now and it is damn freaking stupid and funny omg -.- okay idk im just saying rubbish here haha ~

Anyway okay i shall stop here and go watch kpop ~ happy CNY for now ^^

Bye ~
Ps: did i mention i turned on the tv to winter olympics and i see EXO K on tv omg so hot can !


Okay really annyeong ~
Signed off : Jiatung :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

I Dream .

Horror .
They were having a welcome party for the new boy, who moved in 3 weeks ago, in the village .
He gave his new neighbour a polite smile as he took out his wallet .
She look at the picture in the boy's wallet, "You two seem so close then, but why do you seem to ignore him now ?"
"Huh ?"
"There.." She pointed to the picture .
"My brother," he affirmed "yes, we were very close..."
She nodded softly as she looked at the picture closely.
"Hey, he didn't have that scar on his cheek ! Where did he get the scar from anyway .." She pointed at the picture and asked .
"My brother... How did you know..." He became speechless .
"Hmm, i guess he didn't want me to know, he told you to keep it from me too ?! That boy ! " she chuckled lovingly and continued "well i better go find him now, see you around ."
"Hey!" He called out, "but my brother had died 3 years ago ..." His words was not heard by the girl, who went off to find her new 'boyfriend' .

I had a dream and it was creepy, there was a lot more to the story but i couldn't remember the details, all i know was that, i'm that girl and i really did 'see' this other brother in my dream ... Okay maybe it is a sign or something, or maybe i had too many stories in my head that it had to be acted out in my dream .

Haha, maybe i can try writing horror but it would be a fail, really -.-

Now i can't stop thinking about the 'boy' and is giving me creeps ! God !

I can't help but to say i feel like a disappointment :( but i know this is just a rant and i'll feel fine tomorrow, what the hell really, just get over it .

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 .

Hello, its a new year and i'm gonna be 18 this year omg so old -.-

Okay so, life sucks.

Have to study everyday and like siao training and study then kpop then study then meet up with best. Yeah that is all i have done the past year and the following year .

Haha, its been a long time since i wrote and i feel like idk what im going to write, but oh well, its gonna be random ~ and i'm currently in the lecture hall waiting for physics lecture to start -.-

Oh talking about physics, glad i have a new physics tuition or not i think i'll die -.- hahaha :p

Anyway ~ yes new year and old classmates and i sort of spend more time with the girls now and its nice in a way :))

Sometimes miscommunication makes everything so wrong, really, for these two weeks, all the miscommunication stuffs is making my head big -.- haiz dont think .

Hello best, i blogged :)) happy ? :))) hahaha ! Okay see you soon


Signed off; Jiatung .