Saturday, November 28, 2009

I love my baby nephew!!!

Woo!! haha, my nephew is soo cute :) well, went out with him yesterday and he started making funny noises. :) and then we played with him the whole day.. he is seriously cute! haha, he's at my house now, and i'm suppose to babysit him... anyway, got the time out to write this post:) oh, oh! the photos of the class party should be posted today:) wait and see :)
ah!!! the baby is crying now, got to go :) bye :)
signed off; jiatung <3

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

24/11/09 - E2/4 class party :)

woo!!! class party yesterday was fun!!! yay!!! haha, yanmin became my bestfriend yesterday because both of us felt xoxo sounds funny :) haha, anyway, i love yesterday, 24/11/09!!! haha.
wake up :) get ready till 9... -.-
i was late for the meeting with yanminmelvingervais. well, i thought i was late... when i reached tenmilejunction there saw melvin walking then i called gervais and yanmin. both of them never pick up their phone and gervaischee go and divert his call to pizzahut or some strange stall... -.- anyway, afterthat he called melvin and say he don't know how to come tenmilejunction then he say he'll take taxi over from bukitpanjang then it turns out that he lost his way when he go down or something... very smart! from bukitpanjang to tenmile junction lrt also can take taxi... anyway, it was 10 by then so i just went in to see the food first.
gervais and melvin went in to shengshiong to find me and gervais and i were wearing class t-shirt!! haha,
greatmindsthinkalike :)
well, we bought the drinks and all the utentils before buying the frozen food but there was alot of times when we realised that we forgotten things and then we just go here and there to buy... oh!! suddenly remembered gervais's question... don't understand but funny :) haha! then, yanmin reached. apparently she OVERSLEPT because she slept at 6:00-.- anyway, gervais and her go and get another packet of chicken then they forget to take the marinate thing and melvin scolded them so they go back and take the marinate thing and then i go with them and take 2 more packets of chicken... haha! we went to pay for the food after that and WOAH! $150++ OMG... then yanmin and gervais pay for the stuffs and off we go to melvin's house:) we took taxi to melvin's house and then gervais business partner go call him then he talk to that guy like his old friend and ask to like introduce his daughter to him... very funny i tell you, then he like talk to the daughter then like talk and talk. haha!
we reached melvin's house and gervais is still talking to the phone. he put down in awhile and we start defrozing the chicken and marinate it in awhile... melvin and gervais wash the chicken and yanmin and i marinate it... both of us got our fingernails and shirt yellow, thanks to the oil of the sauce... AHH... yanmin's favourite tanktop!!! AHH.. my class t-shirt!!! haha! then melvin's ahma came back then she helped us to do things... aww... so nice of her... haha, then gervais phone ring again and then melvin was like, ' you continue talking to the phone i will get your phone confiscated.' then i was like,' you continue talking then i will throw your phone into the sea of east coast... ' :) haha! after that melvin's ahma still cook noodles and pack our chicken for us when yikai came with the tupperware , melvin i tell you, your ahma is so nice :) haha! then we take taxi and left for ECP.:)
we were lucky the first taxi we hailed allows us to have 5 people in the taxi and i seated infront because i have to pay for the fare... then along the journey nothing happen just that the guys blasted music and the poor taxi uncle who is listening to his own music like cannot do anything... when we reached at 1:45+ there is already some ppl there which includes fengenyiqinghopingdeborahlinhanwoontienzhineng. haha! then don't know why the guys sudddenly started playing catching and i got caught 3 times... -.- then we decided to go to our bbq pit c24! :) haha, 2/4's class party on the 24th november at eastcoast pit 24 :) woo! :) then our wei da de linhan together with the fantastic four excluding arnold, and yikai started the fire:) haha! then yanmin said she want to go cycle cause at that time hoping and yiqing already cyclng so i called junxianto ask where is he cause we thinking wait for them come first:) see we so good :) anyway, i don't know what junxian talking about so i just ask them go to pit c24 and then they said they would reach in 5 minutes... they didn't anyway :0 yanmin and me then borrowed hoping and yiqing's bike to cycle awhile and talk ^^ i love talking ;)
everyone who need to come came and then yanmin amanda and me go and rent the bicycle andd we forget we need e-z link so yanmin go call jinglin to come and then i go find people and then i saw hoping then ask her if can book under her name then just book loh :) haha :-) then after we rent our bikes, yanmin say she need clip, so we went back together to take and then back to the guys who came for us(give us our e-zlink) and themselves(rent bike). then we cycle and cycle all the way from area c to area h :) haha, that was so much fun:) and there was this point of time when i was way infront:) ahaha! along the way, truman fell (but didn't really injured himself:)) and then meldon and melvin sort of clash into each other and both injured their left foots one at the top(melvin) and another at the bottom(meldon) ouchy... then we found a place to rest and i was the only girl there, so at last i go and take my camera and took photos of them:) haha, that was nice:) then we all cycle back :) junxian and i was the last, haha, he asked me to sing... aiyo, i also don't know why i listened... then when we reached, i didn't brake, so i just ride into the grass, nice one :0 haha:) and then, it was 5+ already :)
went to return bike with yanmin and then we walked and talked about the arrangement of the brothers in heitang. haha! then i was saying ao quan is lao da cause he is leader then yanmin was like,' so the others is by the popularity la?? i knew it! i knew ahwei not so popular:)' ahhaha! i was laughing:) then everyone don't know go where so at last left yikaijinglinzhinengyanminme doing the fire and food then i was taking photos again :) then afterthat went to macs and take photos but then amanda like abit angry so we so cycle awhile and take photos and then her gear spoil-.- haha, then she go make properly then her whole hand dirty so we went back and then she want go wash hand at the beach then we ride the double bike to the beach then back then to macs to really wash her hand and then, back to the pit:) haha, we were quite good at cycling together aren't we? :) haha, then when i go help yanmin they all, they go say i pang sei them then don't want to talk to me/treat me invisible... my tong xiang also like that... :( then i keep doing things then got one time the crabstick okay already then i say okay already then yanmin don't want listen then when jinglin say okay already then she go and take... still can laugh somemore... haha, anyway, they very funny cause i go and pull the thongs from yanmin then she say, wa! the thongs just pulled itself away from me and can ownself take food :) haha, not funny, =.=. anyway afterthat they okay already cause i really go and talk alot to them and i poke+blow yanmin:) haha, revenge :D heheh!!
7:00 onwards
then all the ppl came back and we started cooking and talking and i also go and take alot of photos!!! haha! have photos with some only... not everyone :( anyway, all the more important ones have can already:) woo! i love to play with the flash:) killed almost everyone's eyes :) haha, and i went super hyper:) then, the girls left, then jing lin left. yanmin and i then went to the other bench to eat cause we are also going to leave. we talked and talked while listening to meldon's phone the song:) haha:) then more photos then we left... we went to macs first cause yanmin want to buy drink and then melvin and truman suddenly appeared at the same time, yanmin's father call to ask her buy macs then she don't want to buy so ask melvin to buy.. then we go out to wait for her father and then went home:) haha:)
Tay yanmin (L)
Amanda-jane Tan (L)
Feng en (L)
ZhangLinhan <3
GervaisChee <3
JiangJunxian <3

MelvinPhua <3
TanYikai <3
NgJinglin <3

will post other photos next time:) bye:)
love, jiatung.

Monday, November 23, 2009


"haha. what else could i do? if you even have me in your heart. i've had enough. you telling me you are okay, fine. i don't know how am i feeling now. sad/heartbroken(are you sure) worse then anything in the world. i hate all this. it i could turn back time. shut up! if if if. if there is so many ifs in the world, i would not feel so bad. i thought i was the one who made you unhappy. i thought you are the one who is upset. but why do i feel even worse talking to you/solving the problem? confused, hard, sad. what is this. Please, if anyone could hear me, help."
well, this is really bad. would we go into this stage?
something happy.
going to east coast park tomorrow for the class party :) sentosa is off due to not having a bbq pit :0
right, hope it doesn't rain tomorrow and we would have alot of fun!! haha! oh, meeting gervaisyanminmelvin first, truman can't go last minute. eww. meeting at 9 -.- must wake up early:)
got to go now, bye:)
signed off jiatung.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Badminton Camp 2009!

haha, back from camp yesterday but couldn't blog because i was out the whole day. well, didn't blog on the thursday too, so i shall go all the way back to thursday ;)
there was badminton training as usual, played with the usual girls and some of the guys. oh! fell when i was playing doubles with my dear jane, ming peng and york huan. :( pain pain :'( haha;) after training, truman came to the sports hall to pass janice his sleeping bag but since janice went home, i took it back home ;) we were thinking to go eat together but then because i go with harlina to buy things for the camp then i can't find them, so at last harlina, jewel and me just go and eat with the guys at the hawker centre. jewel wanted to eat prawn noodles but then we can't find the stall so i go and eat duck rice and she ate duck noodles. we left harlina to sit with the guys while we were buying food because it was raining and she can't go home... anyway, harlina and joshua was always quarreling about the fp thing, haha, jewel and i was laughing all the way... haha:) oh! we played with ice too and i hit jun wei by accident when i was suppose to aim joshua,SORRRYYY!!! haha, well was really sorry, i also don't know why will go the wrong way... went home after that and started preparing for the next day's camp! woo! :)
got a message the day before from jewel who asked me to go to her house early, like at 9:00. well, at first she asked me to go early to her house to put my things down before going to jaron's house for some camp thing, i don't know, anyway, then she said don't have to go to his house already then i just went to her house, damn cold in the bus then i realised i didn't bring my toy out. :( anyway, when i reached her house, i saw some lady fainted on the ground with a guy beside her, then because the thing is like settled already then i am thinking don't need me already so i walked to jewel's house. jewel said she would be waiting for me at her house lift then when i found her lift, i can't find her. turns out that jewel was walking the opposite direction from me. well, then i realised it was friday the 13th haha, don't know why did i write that. anyway, when we were using the computer in her house, i got the message from the school saying the streaming results are out and i got very excited about it and start pointing to my phone and calling jewel then jewel was like,"i know, i also just got the message!!" haha, anyway we quickly go and check then we went to the 3/1 and 3/2 classes to look for our names. when we can't find our names anywhere, we got worried and then we checked the subjects we are taking which was all our 1st choice. haha, was very happy at that time!! haha :D haha, we were messaging alot of ppl at that time and jewel keep complaining her class she only closer to ou jun tai then keep saying she don't like her class, for how many times arh? 15++ till now =.=!haha! :) well, after that we went to school to meet mrs ng and harlina to go to dawson to buy things. well, then we went to eat at dawson cause all of us are hungry and mrs ng treat!!! haha! joshua and jaron are at dawson before us and then all of us go buy things. then buy buy buy then later harlina went back with mrs ng and the four all us go to jaron's house. oh!!! jaron's dog very cute!!! ;) haha, keep jumping up :) haha, jewel and me like it very much but then also very scared of it cause very fierce when she bark ;) ahaha ;) eh, then we play awhile and wait for jaron to pack his things then took mrt to joshua's house. aiyo, they say like their house very near to the mrt like that then is like walk quite far loh...-.- we waited for joshua to pack his things then we took taxi to school ;) haha, on the way, jewel again keep saying about her class then jaron suddenly like super high then joshua was like keeping quiet then i was like blur... haha! when we reached the school, there is already some people in school and then we got into groups, and then we went back to the rooms to unpack our things and took alot of photos. after unpacking, we went down to draw banners in our groups and after that everyone started playing with the paint.ming peng got his front and back filled with handprints! right, after drawing and stuffs, we went for dinner and then make water bombs then jewel was wet then i am also wet then we bathe and was very cold at night so a lot of girls couldn't sleep...
woo! woke up at 6:30 and i was still feeling sleepy :( haha, may be because i did not sleep well the night before and like walked for the whole day the day before... anyway, went to wash up and get ready for breakfast. before that, we had to do some warm-ups and then,breakfast was bread with nutella/kaya and milo. harlina and i were in charge of applying the bread and I LOVE KAYA!! haha, not that i don't like nutella, but it is too sweet and really very sweet :) haha. well, after breakfast we went to one class to get ready to play the egg game in which we must use newspapers to protect the egg from breaking when we throw it down from the second and third level anyway, i dropped the egg and yanmin group the egg was like cracked after the first throw... they said when they touched the newspaper, they could feel something goo-ie... eww... haha, anyway, ours cracked too... when we throw it up to the third storey, the egg officially came out of the newspaper and the best thing is we have to clear the egg shells -.-. after the egg game, we have to do something to do with badminton then aiya, anyway i gave jessica my racket, then she play cause i am going to get heatstroke if i continue playing... i think after that was lunch and then jewelharliname went up to the hall to prepare the other games while the others went back to the room to change and rest awhile, but actually it was just awhile and then the three of us were taking alot of photos in the hall. then we were playing the untanglement with mrs ng and jewel was touched from the top to the bottom by mrs ng and harlina. haha! well, after the untanglement, we have some costume game and then jewel and i go and dress up jaron like some statue of liberty and then the crown damm nice la :) haha, then when joshua came back from the toilet, we go and make him wear the cardboard then the guys go and draw the car thing on the cardboard and then got pigxxxx and Joshua Pig something something... haha, then joshua still ask what is p-i-g. haha, well then took photos and then rest awhile. after that, we go play the number game which test our coordination with the team or something... then we play the flip the mat game then our group was like very slow the first time we play then we were the last. but then after that we thought of better way then we had the best score :) haha, harlina and i was like very fed up :( anyway, it was quite fun and i really pulled everyone to keep my balance... haha ;) rigth, after that, we went down to build strawhouse then is like our group one really very shi bai , then we tried to use joshua as base then mrs ng like don't care us so nevermind, we lost :'( haha! then we went back to our rooms to like keep our things and i changed like just in the class then jewel was like, oh! the guys were at the same level right?? haha, then don't care loh... then we went down to play the water bomb and YAY!!! i'm the only girl who is not wet :) haha! and jewel wee is wet from her head to her toes!!! haha!! anyway, then we went to bathe but since the boys toilet was flooded then jessica jolene and me go and bathe in the 1st floor toilet. cleaner there :)then is dinner time then we went back to the rooms take photos and i went to play poker with kenneth they all and we keep going every where to take photos :) haha, then we watched horror movie and then everyone crowd together and watch the movie... haha, then the girls who at first watch the comedy come in and watch also then hazelyanminjunjie keep screaming. yanmin say junjie scream is because he at first very scared then arynna also like pinch him or something then he keep screaming then after that arynna like hold junjie's head then like keep pushing his head. then the ppl at the back keep laughing :)well then the show finish then we all went back to sleep and then tomorrow!!! haha:)
last day of camp!! haha, breakfast in the morning then go home with yanmin:) haha, it was very fun at the camp and we all became closer to each other and really liked the fact that the badminton team became closer!! woo!!
well, done with the camp entries and will upload photos the next time
sayonara! haha!
signed off; jiatung

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11/11 / is it me?

hoo! went out with feng en and min er today! yay! at last could go out! haha. right, we went to greatworldcity today and i was 10 minutes late. haha, realised that i am always the late one when i go out with feng en ;P well, missed the bus... haha, we went to play arcade and the neoprint machine is spoilt! anyway, we asked the auntie there to fix it for us. the photos is with feng en now anyway ;) well, we played that fish game alot didn't we? haha, that is the one with the most token. haha, changed three pens and three craker;) oh! the hit hit thing very angry leh, hit so long already still haven game over, also don't know how to play it...
well, after that, we went to the Harris bookshop then we saw alot of nice nice book then feng en and min er both say want to buy the whole shop down. =.= wonder how can they read all the books like that...then when feng en reading her the history section, i and min er go to see the children section. i was saying sure have the mr midnight and the singapore true ghost stories the shelves one then min er say is not 'singapore true ghost stories' is 'true singapore ghost stories' then we were arguing about the title then when we asked feng en, she also say is singapore true ghost stories. min er was very confident it was true singapore ghost stories so she go and find the book but at last still cannot find... oh! then we saw the robert pattison, isit spelt like that? anyway, when feng en go and read the book, i suddenly shocked by the 'upsidedown' robert pattison book. then i started laughing then feng en look up then also bei xia dao xD we were laughing like xiao!
after that we went to that cd shop and go see the cd then the lady over there like keep giving us cold face cause we not buying anything so feng en after that go and buy her ss501 disc... eh, then we went to cold storage to buy feng en's kimchi and at last i also buy ham and my drink...then we went to buy sushi then go home already...
when we reached the busstop, i saw my 970 and go run to it but then after that feng en call me say i take wrong bus so i got down the bus and walk wrong way from where the bus turn from so i just anyhow walk until i saw the busstop and gave up taking my 970 then just take bus go to tiong and take mrt back. damn unlucky la, i missed the train and 173 on the way home and when i reached home it is already 6;15++
a very nice day out with feng en and min er, haha, find one day go out again ;) oh, i asked you all to see my blog so, hi ;)
i know it is hard, i just want to try.
i really want to know if that person is me. don't know if this post is going to make it worse but i'll just say what i want. i am a thoughtless person. is it because i didn't put my heart into your/our problems that make you feel really upset? i wanted to. but i can't. i'm a thoughtless/dumb/slow person. i need to take a long time to understand. why don't you just tell me. it will make you/me feel better. if it is really me, how do i make you feel bad? if it is her, forget it, it will make yourself feel better. tell me please. i really liked to help. in fact, you may feel i'm being fake by saying I'd liked to help, but, i don't want to be kept in the dark. i'm tired,you're tired. i know you would not like to hear me saying all this to you but facing this problem will be better than keeping it in our hearts. think through it. i could still afford this bit of waiting.
right, got to go now, bye bye ;)
signed off; jiatung---

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

To all my friends from e2/4 2009

2/4 we rock!
saw the class blog, made me feel like writing another post. i will really miss all my friends, which includes everyone from 2008 e1/4, 2009 e2/4, and teachers! we did almost everything together and we were really TROUBLE for some of our teachers. thinking of it, all of you might be even closer to me then some of my other bestfriends outside. we were scolded together,punished together and even praised together! although there were times when we all have problems with each other, quarreling ,giving each other cold shoulder, or even fighting, we did also had fun together like laughing and playing. two years goes by very fast, some of us may find it a pity to spend this precious two years quarreling with each other and turns out not liking this class, but why not think it as part of growing up and a memory that you could keep till you get older. our class is special. we should all think it that way.
To the Teachers;
dear teachers, thank you all for tolerating with our class. but i must say, we may be naughty and playful sometimes but that is not because we are rebelling you, but because our character is more of ' we will do when we like it' and we don't like to be forced, and we are normally more easily distracted then the other classes. plus, we can be mature when we want to. give us some time, if we are going to be taught by you again.;) dear teachers, we really appreciated how much you are willing to share with us and teach us and at the same time making sure we do the right things at our rebelling age. i believe that whatever you taught us would help us in future and i'm sure not only i will think this way. we would soar and do good in our studies! thank you all alot!!!
To the classmates;
well, hope whatever i said up there would happen and we must all do 2/4 and our teachers proud!!! we have the potential! don't know if some of you might be able to see this but, this is what i want to tell all of you ;)
amanda-jane ; my dear jane!!! haha, going to miss you alot, the things we do together and all the laughter with you, will always be remembered ;) liked the days when we talked together about how you feel and how i feel about things happening around us and really felt very close to you;) there is still alot in addition to these that i don't think you would like too talk about, since it has already passed ;) smile more dear ;)
feng en ; haha! i really liked whatever we talked about and how much you liked your tom and david. oh, there is still kenji and bosco;) haha, there are times with priscilla when we were all having fun together and it was really nice to be there for you when both of you went through some changes and when you get over it. then there is deborah, the things we talked about are fun! never gonna forget them, plus, we are still going to be bestfriends aren't we?
yi qing ; hoho!!! we had fun times together with ho ping too didn't we? the times when we look through chinese songs and enjoying ourselves, singing ;) haha, you two always sounded better than me ;) haha ;) missed those times ;)
ho ping ; haha, in addition to yiqing's we would also talked about shows and your the korean band when we go home together ;) remembered it was you who introduced me to watch the ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni ;) haha, really loved that show ;) remember that it was you who were there to encourage me to hold on during the p/f incident, really thank you ;)
angie ; haha, you always like to bully me! haha, kidding, well remember there was a time we went out with yanmin ;) haha, and then we almost got lost! haha, that day was fun and it was the first time i took 4 taxis a day!
priscilla ; good work girl! you have done yourself good for the year end results and i believe that you could do it if you want to. jiayou! ;) i believe i would always remember the closest time we have together. smile more ;)
nurul ; haha! love your voice and laughter;) laugh more! it will make you happier;) work hard to achieve your goals! you can do it!!!
janice ; haha, remember you were the first person i talked to when i came into this school. really very hard to put you back to the long hair janice ;) haha ;) thinking about it, we were once quite close during sec one until i move seat ;)
yanmin ; my dear xoxo, haha, wow! if i have to write down everything we did together and everything we talked, it would surely be more than this post alone ;) well, it is really nice when you think of me and tell me whatever you feel and stuff, trust yourself more and don't feel sad easily, i will always be here for you ;) like what you said, we had been already been quite close since sec one and i am glad this doesn't change ;) be happier!! ;)
yengting ; haha, suddenly remembered we were in the same math class before we go back to our class ;) haha, still remember at that time we had this funny funny group with teck li and deborah, really liked those times ;) oh, and our aaron and pi li mit! haha ;) really missed those times ;)
deborah ; don't get too upset about your marks and stuff, work on your story, this means i'm gonna get the story by next year ;) haha, we could still talk over random and future stuffs when we meet even if we are not in the same class next year, i really enjoy when we are together;)
lin han ; wow! 2/4 future policewoman! haha, you look smart in the npcc uniform! haha, liked the books that you introduced to me ;) felt really cool talking to you ;)
andrian ; haha, don't really know what to say to you, but continue working hard for your results, although you are already very good, jealous ;( haha, jiayou! ;)
glenn ; lao ba! haha, we were suppose to be bro and sis but after the royal family thing, you become lao ba ;) haha, remember once i brought you to take 151 so we can change 75/184 then go home together ;) and we still talked alot about things. haha, really nice talking to you. ;)
arnold ; humourous guy, haha, thought you were someonr who is quite quiet when you first transfer in, but in fact you were quite funny and a nice guy ;) careful not to get bullied out there ;) haha!
gerald ; eh, don't really know what to say about you but you are quite a nice person and hope you would do well in your studies ;) jiayou!
gervais ; heheh, first in class happy anot? ;) haha, hope you would continue soaring and do well ;) jiayou! AND! you said something would happen to me that time, and till now you didn't say anything... better tell me something when you see this post! well, lets see, you are a very nice and responsible person, did i tell you any secrets before? cause there seem to be like there is alot of girls telling you their secrets ;0 haha!
woon tien ; well, you are a very nice person, so don't make it worse by starting to scold the other guys in our class or so, you will get bullied even more by doing that, wish you all the best for next year and don't get bullied! ;)
hao yang ; aiyo, was never close to you... okay, first i must wish you all the best for the coming years and heard you got quite good results, so, jiayou! and then, speak more! or interact more with classmates ;) haha ;)
junxian ; haha,daddy turn now! haha, i still win you overall!!! haha, well, work harder on other subjects also, math improve not enough! oh, felt very nice when talking to you, and really felt comfortable with you ;) maybe because of the things that happened recently and you are the only one around us that will make us laugh and forget about things awhile. well, don't speak so crudely infront of others who don't know you well and be nicer to her!
joshua ; joshua tan!! haha, remember yanmin and i like to bully you, haha, well, work harder on your results and you can score!! jiayou!
bryan ; bryan lee!!! haha, i don't know what to say to you, but you are quite a nice person and hope you would get what you want and like, wish you all the best and try to be better to people around you;) haha, oh! also must study hard ;)
meldon ; haha, meldon lim. i really like this surname you know ;) haha, right, i've known you for like 7 years and throughout all these years, you've outgrown the junior meldon, lim, haha,well, it is really nice to have you around thanks to your borned humour;) really felt nice ;)
zhi neng ; well, what can i say? haha, em, hope you could get into a good class next year and oh! study hard, work hard!! haha! jiayou!! ;)
jin sen ; haha, well, i don't really know what to say but wish you could do your best and put in all the effort you got!!! oh! and don't say so much of the F word, you seem to like saying that word, haha, jiayou;)
melvin ; haha, wasn't very close to you till recently when don't know how but maybe because of yanmin;) okay, first, congrats on being able to promote!! haha, jiayou jiayou! you have two 'jiayous' eh ;) haha! good luck ;) oh, don't be too hot-tempered too!!! ;)
farhan ; well, you are also too quiet la!!! speak out more, you look very shy, haha. well, work hard on your studies and do 2/4 proud !!! haha;)
jinglin ; haha, tong xiang ;) haha, next year only me you and feng en go into higher mothertongue.. well, we must all work hard and get b3!!! i think you very easy la ;) haha,sad you cannot go to the sentosa outing, my house the one can go ba! ;)
prasad ; well, i don't think i need to ask you to work hard or what already, 29.5 for bio! your head is computer isit? anyway, hope you could be one of the best in your new class next year like you are this year! ;)
kumar ; haha, and you still complain about your math marks! so high already still dare say ;( well, then i hope you would reach your target for your math marks ;) work hard, add oil, jiayou! haha ;)
sathesh ; eh, well, don't know what to say, oh! gervais say you will not pay for the cost of the class party, you better pay i tell you! well, hope you would do better in the next year and don't be racist against yourself!
truman ;truman, truman!! haha ;) well, thanks for going home with me when i ask you to and hope you will chase a girl yourself sucessfully!! haha, from a cute boy during sec one to a cute guy next year! ;) waiting to see that okay ;) oh! and grow past 160 before next year! ;) haha;) jiayou;)
yikai ; woo, to the last one already! well, you must really think for other people more okay? this will show how mature you are;) haha, heard you improved in your results, so add more oil to do better!!! jiayou! ;)
irwan ; haha, our ex 2/4 haha, well hope you will do good in your own school and really liked the times we spent together ;)
minku ; minku! haha, well, hope you do well in korea and is having fun there;) oh! and you cannot forget us here alright! ;) last time you still keep on bullying me... haha ;)
well, this is what i want to say to all the loved 2/4 ers and don't let e2/4 lose face!!!
we are a special group of people, we may not listen as much as the other classes, but we may have more potential, it is still not our best till now, we can soar higher! fly E2/4!

Here again.

Haha, long time since i blogged, feeling very bored now, and i think i promised jewel i will blog since last week ;) haha. well, badminton today was fun, played with hazel, yanmin and amanda-jane doubles and and and, hazel was damm lucky and could take all the shuttles that i felt hard to take! pro sia ;) and we kept laughing and laughing like crazy. ohohoh! yanmin and i also played with amanda and jewel doubles and then they start playing with the guys and our third set until now still haven play ;( and then yanmin go and talk to janice then i go play with junxian and almost died! some daddy like that! still say he training me... after that then we just play randomly... oh! gervais ang truman came too, i was asking them to go to westmall with me to return my book then they say they going lot one then talk so long already then i come to know that lot one also got library. haha, asked gervais to help me return ;) haha, suddenly remembered yanmin and i was talking about wang zi, haha.
yay yay, i am going out with feng en and min er tomorrow, 11/11, may post tomorrow too, i thing this is the only date with four of the same digit. nice date ;) i love my friends ;) haha;)
oh, i'm getting happier and happier and happier now ;)
something to say to my friends,
my dear jane ; how's your stomachache? hope it will be better while you are out with yanmintrumangervais ;) ohoh! we could conference one day! ;)
jewel love ; well, since i got my phone back, think of what are you going to say and message me, okay? ;)
yanmin xoxo ; yes! we love wang zi ! haha! well, i love your present from genting! haha, tell me if there is anything bothering you and just feel happy ;)
junxian daddy ; haha! you still look upset and worried or something like that, AND! you almost killed me today!haha ;) eh, you everytime see my blog also never tag one ;(
hannah YO \m/ ; haha, i miss you!!! at least come for some of the trainings when you have time...(suddenly thought of you ;) )
well, i love orange ;) haha!!! tag more okay? ;)
right, leaving soon.
signed off; verythehappy de jiatung ;) (miss me)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

sad .

sad. well, can't go to chalet and staying at home sucks... wonder if they are having fun... should be ;) never really do much today, watching the tv since morning... maybe going to badminton tomorrow will make me feel happier and so.
wow, it was like when i on-ed my phone at night, yesterday, it was flooded with messages such as the phonecalls made by people when i haven't on the phone and messages from my dear jane and junxian. touched... well, i did call junxian yesterday in the morning but apparently, he wasn't paying much attention to the call, because i called using my house phone, and i wasn't in a very good mood to explain who am i and i just said i'm not going... was very sad yesterday,too, sorry guys ;(
can't think straight now... really didn't mean it, you guys must be really disappointed, especially my dear jane and yanmin. i mean, because this isn't my first time not going to the dates that were actually agreed on...
arh, quite long for a sad letter... don't worry, i'll try my very best, in fact make sure that i will be able to go for the class party!!!

that's enough for today then, see you.
signed off; jiatung