Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HOO HOO!!! i'm back :)

wasn't really back today, came back on sunday night and recieved bestfriend's message ^^ haha, didn't felt like blogging the last few days so here am i now :) Korea was fun!!! haha, we went alot of places and saw/buy alot of things:) if i'm going to write all the things that happened in these 8 days, i will surely die of writing :0

haha! right, anyway, this few days was fun too!!! had badminton friendly match on thursday and then a pre-christmas party... won and lost a game for the match, too nervous that day :( then went home with bestfriend and talked alot :) haha, she had a funny looking guy looking at her -.- haha!!! oh! and then my mum went to buy the food that she want to cook then she saw the chicken wings for the party and helped us buy :) haha! then of course i must help her to marinate it at night:) then, the next day :)
haha, during midnight, recieved birthday messages from my dear jane, love, jellyn, yengting and yikai:) haha, very nice of them :) anyway, in the morning i was still waiting for bestfriend to come to my house and then when it is ten and she still didn't message or anything, i realised that she might be still sleeping then keep calling her and she didn't answer... then when she called, it's already 10:30 so i ask her to go sheng siong first loh :) i was supposed to be late again, then again, the guys are later then me -.- anyway, bestfriend and me talk and talk again and waited for the guys to come:) after buying all the things we went to wait for taxi and then back to my home :) saw my aunt when i got down and helped her bring the things up and all of us helped to make the sandwiches and i realised we took alot of time to finish doing... anyway, then yikai asked me to go down to fetch him then when i went down my cousin said he saw three guys walking towards the function room there then i went to find them while thinking how come yikai come with another two person... when i got there, i saw truman, meldon and junxian... i was still asking them where is yikai until i realised that they never come together... anyway, let them go up first and i called yikai using junxian's phone then bla then fetched him up... the whole table was like full of guys(except for bestfriend) when i came up... then after giving out the souvenirs then went down then more and more people came... then we started bbqing and eat and then cut cake then the guys went to play water/swim... anyway, took alot of photos and had alot of fun:) haha, my dear jane keep saying that will be the best day of my life :) YES IT IS!!! haha, happy :) then everyone left and then the nice day is over... :) oh! have to say a big THANK YOU to all the people who helped me to buy things(bestfriend,melvin,gervais) the people who helped me carry things down(all the other guys) and the people who helped to barbeque the food!!!(espicially yikai,melvin actually everyone) haha, don't know what to say anymore... haha, blog next time :)
bye :)
signed off; jiatung

Friday, December 4, 2009

2/4 class photos :)

this is so cute :) best way to upload the photos :)
gtg now, bye
signed off;jiatung

Thursday, December 3, 2009


saw a patrick in gervais blog, omg, it is like so cute.. got a patrick here too. ^^
woo hoo! badminton is fun today ;) did some attackinng and defending thing at the very start and it was ffuuunnn! cause hazel and me are getting better together ;) haha! then we got mrs ng to play with us and i teamed with mrs ng for the first round,and then with bestfriend on the second ;) bestfriend was abit frustrated when she was playing, but, nevermind, she's happy now ;) then, my dear jane, bestfriend and me went to the staff lounge there to refill water then we just sat outside to talk afterthat.. haha, they were talking about their mothers when they are scolding people and not gettng them embrassed infront of their friends .. haha! then, we realised that we have already been gone for to long, and we were really very long, cause when we went back, they have already finished their games and trainings and prepared for warm downs ;) warm downs, and then ready to go home ^^ haha, i finished my dear jane's water infront of her too!! ;) haha, with jewel's help too. haha! i think then mebestfriendmydearjane were talking about birthday presents and stuffs, anyway, we waited for mrs ng while she is playing her games and talk and talk and then, her macbook shutdown... haha! then we left and then we saw mr wong and then we talk and talk with him, then, mrs ng appear ;) haha, then talk and talk again, then mrs ng go bathe then we asked mr wong to fetch us go back home ;) in fact, fetch mydearjane back home and bestfriend and me to the 184 bus stop;) it was damn funny, mr wong was like 'close softly, close softly' to mydearjane when she is leaving the car and then she was like' ya,ya' haha, then when bestfriend and me are going to go out the car, bestfriend was like 'then mr wong will be like 'close softly close softly ' again ' ;) haha! he really said that anyway ;) haha! then, back home with bestfriend ;) woo hoo! then talk and talk and she left jewel's racket with me... haha! a nice day indeed ;)
ohoh! i love patrick;)
leaving now, byebye;0
signed off; jiatung

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


badminton training today. oh my god, i love badminton more and more. but shits, i missed alot of shuttles today -.- don't like :0 anyway, hope we could score something during the matches, right hazel? win at least one game per tournament :) haha! really hope we could win something, JIAYOUS!!!
haha, then we played with mrs ng... i don't know what to say about this but, she was damn hyper -.- haha! then i went to eat with yanmin and we walked together with hazel to her busstop before that. after sending hazel off, we walked to the 184 busstop and we missed the bus on the way... nice one... anyway, we talked and talked all the way from there to subway. aiya, we also talked when we were in subway:) haha, oh! we saw clara in the bus! yanmin didn't even noticed her until i said :) haha, bestfriend also "tok" her head before we left the bus :) haha!! we were talking about singapore idol...
haha, i liked the sweet onion with tuna!!! haha, random...
anyway, have to go write something now, see you:)
oh! i decided not to post the class photos in my blog already, bestfriend say she would post in class blog;) woo hoo!
oh yeah, bye :0
signed off, jiatung