Wednesday, June 30, 2010

blog almost dead. happy birthday bestfriend .

hey people. this blog is almost dead and i so sorry about that.
bestfriend's birthday,together with three others today. happy birthday guys. i love you bestfriend :)
went to imm with bestfriend, love and mydearjane and had a lot of fun there. took pictures all the way there, mydearjane took the pictures and had only contributed her fingers and legs. couldn't stand well the whole journey though, legs still wobbly from training on monday. love almost banged the guy standing behind/next to her, beatfriendand mydearjane almost flew when the bus brake, and i support myself against the hard cushion thing in the bus. made a lot of noise in the bus that almost everyone was looking at us. i guessed that. :)
reached imm, went to eat pepper lunch. bestfriend was happy about her birthday and said that the discount thing in the shirt shop was for her. then i said there is a discount for love in aries in her birthday month, then love was like, "then for cancer (horoscope) patients there should be a 50% discount for cancer (illness) operations." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! i burst out laughing like that and MDJ says that i laughed like a dog :( it was really funny anyway. then we ate and talk and take pictures like usual. i love the way we can do things together. (L)
going to watch super junior now, aish, i really love them :)
GTG, annyeong.
signed off : jiatung :)