Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 .

Hello, its a new year and i'm gonna be 18 this year omg so old -.-

Okay so, life sucks.

Have to study everyday and like siao training and study then kpop then study then meet up with best. Yeah that is all i have done the past year and the following year .

Haha, its been a long time since i wrote and i feel like idk what im going to write, but oh well, its gonna be random ~ and i'm currently in the lecture hall waiting for physics lecture to start -.-

Oh talking about physics, glad i have a new physics tuition or not i think i'll die -.- hahaha :p

Anyway ~ yes new year and old classmates and i sort of spend more time with the girls now and its nice in a way :))

Sometimes miscommunication makes everything so wrong, really, for these two weeks, all the miscommunication stuffs is making my head big -.- haiz dont think .

Hello best, i blogged :)) happy ? :))) hahaha ! Okay see you soon


Signed off; Jiatung .