Thursday, March 11, 2010

when we're alone together

hohoho ! school as per normal today, mdm rosnah didn't come today so i did my quickwrite in ss and part of my chinese too :) talked to yiqing and linhan during ss and we had alot of fun talking about being professionals :) hahaha :) then, recess, we were talking about ah tay and the taylee,limtay thing then when change back become taytay(hahaha) and limlee :) hahaha, you understand don't you ? :) then school then going home :)
bestfriend and mydearjane went to watch i don't know what movie and so love and i went to clementi to eat. before we went, because love no money, we go around borrowing money from people and got the money from someone . ' jewel, you need isit? jewel i have :D' haha :) hor love? hahaha :) haha, then while we were walking out, love realise that she still need 55 cents to take bus, so, ' jewel , i will kill you one day ... when i dare ... ' we turned back and borrowed money from hoping :) haha :) then, to clementi !
we wanted to eat the duck rice there at first and then when we walk there, we saw the whole hawker close down -.- so, we walked a big round back to sumo house and went inside to sit . then, ' we only have $8 can eat what arh? i feel like eating the one with the sashimi leh... that one add my one add gst not enough leh... i go kfc one round and see if we meet anyone we know :) ' then love went to kfc -.- then i don't know how long later, ' i got $3 ! ' she went to macs then saw harlina then her friend lent us $3 -.- then when we count the money, we realise that we want to drink drink also so we go find love's bag see if have a few coins for the gst payment ... then found one dollar, ' YAY ! ' then go pay !!! :') very touched for the people to lend us money when we needed it :') hahaha! :)while we were eating, we talked alot about the future stuffs :) and ! about alot of people treating jewel as a guy , hahaha!
when we left, we saw ayeyu and chelsia coming out from clementi sports hall and we asked them who is inside then we went inside to play :) then, when we come out, we went to ntuc to find some thing we can drink which cost 40 cents and there is nothing there which cost 40 cents except for the sunkist orange :) hahaha :) then, walked to busstop and continue talking about future , and life :)then, our buses came and we went home :) it was a very nice day :) (except for the part where we go around borrow money and playing badminton when we are not supposed to and don't have money for drinks and, oh well, if there isn't all this, today will not be memorable :) ) I LOVE YOU LOVE! :)
and of course, I LOVE MY BESTFRIEND AND MYDEARJANE TOO :) (ah ha! you can't say i forgotten you two :) )
anyway, anyway, i will always remember this day, the best lunch i had with my LOVE till now :) haha, we only had three lunch together :) haha:)
got to go do work now, bye :)
signed off; jiatung

Friday, March 5, 2010


cross country today. met bestfriend and angie at clementi today and went to chinese garden by taxi :) wow, feels like we are back to last year when we went there together too :) took alot of pictures during cross country and i actually didn't really run... anyway, love got leg cramps and she is sad because she couldn't do her best... it okay okay love?? :) before we left, mydearjane and bestfriend still go and take three bottles of orange juice come back :) hahaha :) then we went to westmall cause it's near mydearjane's piano there. we wanted to eat sakae at first but then cause the buffet is like 4 that time then start then we go eat baked rice in swensens :) spammed photos there too :) wherever we go, we will take photos :) haha :) then we walked around and mydearjane and i was hiding from love and bestfriend then turns out that we want to go find them again... we went to popular and mydearjane saw a furry furry press press book then we were pressing that book for a moment and off we went to find the girls again :) our next destination was the comics connection, we actually liked it there and spent our time in there until lve and bestfrieng come looking for us :) hahaha :)then we went to take neoprints at the arcade there :) it was damm cool, we asked zhiting ang xinlei to help us buy the card then they help us to do the payment outside while we rush in the machine with them blocking us, they are nice people :) haha :0 then there was one photo of me not looking in the photo... after we decorated the pictures and stuffs, we were wondering where to take the pictures and find around the machine until we found it at the corner :) it was like we were looking around for the pictures and trying not to get caught too :) haha :) then we walked around again and this time we went to a gift shop and we were looking at all the cute cute things and hit a giant somebody :) hahaha:) then something happen to mydearjane and we were laughing all the way and then love bumped into someone in his face... hahaha:) went to the toilet next cause love say she want to go to the toilet since awhile ago and i also don't know why i go push her then she fall infront for awhile then i was laughing like mad :) then i went home, mydearjane didn't go piano and then she and love and bestfriend went to jp for i don't know what but i have to go home cause i have tution... :( tution was okay today so still okay and now here i am :)
watching shows now :)
see ya!
signed off; jiatung