Saturday, March 19, 2011

Random ...

from the ZodiacFacts

Sagittarius Relationships

#Sagittarius&Aries : This couple, should they decide to live together, shouldnt keep too much glass around the house! Although they get along like the best of friends, neither of them is known for being delicate or patient. As long as they can sustain the foundation of their friendship-a mutual desire to explore new horizons- they will be very happy.

#Sagittarius &Taurus :This couple could hhave some interesting times together. They would get along quite well as friends, but they might have some trouble seeing eye to eye when it comes to the demands of a long-term partnership.

#Sagittarius&Gemini : This is an easy match, one that seems to each of the partners like a comfortable pair of shoes. Both of these signs enjoy variety and outside stimulation , and both are secure enough to pursue outside interests without fear of betraying or losing their devotion to the relationship.

#Sagittarius&Cancer: These two signs see life in different ways, but with enough understanding, they can have a good relationship.Another issue between these two that might arise from the way they approach getting things done.

#Sagittarius&Leo : These two signs are the best of friends, but to keep a lasting relationship going they must focus on their similarities and understand their differences. This duo must allow each other a lot of room for individual interests and achievements.

#Sagittarius&Virgo : What makes these two signs work together is that they have a mutual admiration for traits they each could stand to develop.

#Sagittarius&Libra: These two will be attracted to one another because they b oth have a tremendous intellectual curiosity. Both will find that maintaning their love is no joke, so they'll need to pay attention to what they need to give to the relationship.

#Sagittarius&Sagittarius : These two will get along well as long as they've both developed the same kind of interests and they each go out of their way to invest time in the relationship. Neither will feel tied down by the relationship, but there will be times when they need someone to talk to.

#Sagittarius&Capricorn : In order for these two to create a harmonious relationship, they'll have to work very hard to respect one anothers wishes. They might fight when one of them feels the other needs to make compromises.

#Sagittarius&Aquarius: This couple wont find it easy to get along when they first meet, but they do share alot of common interests that could help them develop a lasting relationship.

#Sagittarius&Pisces : This can be a good relationship, as long as sagittarius and pisces are both willing to tolerate the parts of one another that they find difficult to admire.

is it going to be true? :O

signed off; Jiatung :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


okay, turns out that i'm not gonna watch my ex-haunted-lover in this holiday anymore... but big momma today is not bad too ! it is so cuteeee !! i want a big momma too ! she(he) is so cuteeee ! :) hahahha ! :)
and, today, i did something i can never do again... i ate like a whole tub of popcorn ! and i mean the large tub !!! :O sharing with yanmin = not much difference in the level... i'm like so full right now :O
but, we had a quite fun time today :) talk and talk alot as usual when the guys went to yewtee to play bball :)

talking is like magic, once you start talking, you'll feel wonderful .

popcorn gives me headache, and now, i can't think :(
i'm suppose to complete all my math homework today !!! wonder if i can make it, but if i think i can, i can. right ? :D alright, i think i'll start later, shall take a small nap now .

it is not that bad afterall !

night peeps,
signed off; Jiatung :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

8 + 6 + one super random you .

tsk, this is such a romantic love story . ha, not for yanmin, hor best?
okay, i'm just gonna say this story once, if you catch it, good for you. if you did not, read again la pabo!

okay here goes :

once upon a time, there is a girl. don't ask me for her name, her name is just girl or call her girlgirl if you want. anyway, girlgirl had this dream on the 7th march... her dream goes like that, girlgirl was walking around the school when she was asked out for a date by 8. kay, then he said "eh, 今晚8点见 ." well, obviously 8 at night bcause he is 8 >.< ... then on 8th march she had another dream. this time, she was out on a date with 6, a friend of 8, friend bcos they have the same body size. ... when girlgirl woke up from the two dreams she felt weird and decided to tell her friend heygirl . heygirl was laughing until it was revealed that she appeared in girlgirl's dream too, heygirl was acting cute in front of a random person, as a chic type of girl, heygirl was almost horrified ! "such a crazy dream" she said. anyway, girlgirl forgot about her dream and get on with her life, then she met 12, the love of her life... when she get to know 12 longer, she found out that 12 had three friends, she was very shocked when she saw his three friends. you know why? okay, the three friends will introduce themselves first. first friend said " hi, i am 8! " second friend said " hi, i'm 6! " want to guess what the third friend say? " hi." he started, " i'm -2 " this '-2 ' is actually the random person in her dream ! the three friends made up her dream, although girlgirl never knew what her dream is for, she was all so shock that the three friends of her love of her life all appeared in her dream. girlgirl thinks that god wants her to meet the three most important person of the most important person of her life and she was happy that she did and live happily ever after with 12. despite her not knowing the real story of her dream, there was one person who knows... that person is ME! duhhh, i wrote this superrrrr ridiculous story!!! anyway, the real meaning of her story is really the numbers, god wants to show her the love of her life, 8 + 6 + (-2) = 12 ... ~ the end ~

such a sweetsweetsweet story ! isn't it nice? i wrote it for somebody who obviously know it is that somebody and don't even need to think if he/she was that somebody . anyway, my favourite character of the story is .......... not girlgirl, but HEYGIRL ! she is so cool !!! :D

i love the time we spent together ~ :D

after all the crazy story and crazy comments, i only want to say sorry, because the author of this blog (me) is feeling a little crazy, and i think this storyline is a little stupid but there's a meaning behind it which i hope that somebody would know :)

我爱我的好姐妹,我也爱李东海!!! :D

kay, gonna go do other thing now,
seeyou kids ! annyeong !
signed off; Jiatung

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Ex Huanted Lover

Really want to go watch a movie with the D.C Family !!! the kids are all super cutteeee !! i hope they would take on a good role of seniors after we're all gone...
wanna watch the movie now !!! :D

today was better, think of other things instead of those... :O

i love to talk to them ! ahh, kelly, adam, edison, david :DD
andandand ! i love Super Junior !!!

hahahaha!!! going to watch secret garden now !
signed off; Jiatung :D

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Love .

had a super long day today, long not because of anything, but because of all the tuitions that i have.
ahh, want to do something new seriously, everyday consist of work and work and MORE work... :( i haven't even finished my chinese compo that was due last week !!! D: anyway, i hope i can complete it tomorrow...
want to continue writing the story but i'm really lazy eh... my brain seem like it stopped working on me :(

motivation, motivation, hurry come to me .

the same thing happen again today. i don't know how to get rid of it and somehow part of me want it to stay. it is really confusing to what i really want but what i know is that this is wrong. so wrong.

well, since i'm talking to yanmin on msn now, i might as well continue the story. right, hope i can think more :)

you are so super in this generation .

a little kiss goodbye,
signed off; jiatung :)

Friday, March 4, 2011


aww, i love bball matches!!!!

Time out ?

there should always be a reason for something but i always can't find it when it is regarding you. i'm thinking and thinking but i really don't know why do i have think of you. it's just too creepy, the thoughts of you scare me...

what the hell is happening? you don't want to talk, she don't want to talk and things turns out like that? think of us, don't be too selfish. your relationship have to be good for this to go on. i hope this gets it to you one day, and the day should come quickly, we can't bear the pain. tyvm.

i love lee donghae

signed off; jiatung

I don't know you that well right?


had fun today, bball matches are always the best. this is no wonder why i still love this sport over and over again... went home with yanmin as usual, truman and huansen was on the bus too. i swear tru-min is a veryveryvery violent couple... tsktsktsk... :O

not gonna post long posts this year, i'm too busy to think of the day :( just know that i love my friends and my life, we have lots of fun despite the stress.

annyeong, i'll post another day.
signed off; jiatung

Thursday, March 3, 2011

i've decided to post again... to revive the blog?
anyway, new font i guess, i need a new motivation...

signed off; jiatung