Thursday, March 28, 2013


I swear cocoPPa is freaking pretty ;)

Yippee finally ended common test today ~ but i know im not gonna do well for this test definitely -.- oh well . Keep telling myself to work harder, but that is obviously not happening -.- I guess KPOP is my ultimate inspiration then ~ cant wait for Infinite's album to reach my hands !

Met best today too ! Like finally after more than two weeks ?!!!!! :O #mindblown #bestfriend #loveher #most trusted friend :') hahaha, these hash tags actually says everything !!!!!! Im so glad that i have a best friend like her and im not even kidding ! :') (at this time i really need that emoji with the smiling with tears face) 😂

Hello best, i may not have been the bestest friend in the world and i might not know how to express myself with words but you know i love you as much as you do ~ hahaha :p anyway yes though recently we did not talk that much or might be in that cold part of the relationship but it'll all be okay soon ~ i'll try to express myself with words more often ! Love you ❤

I love cocoPPa cause it made blogger(icon) so pretty that i might visit it more often ~

Till then ~
Signed off; Jiatung *muacks*

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