Saturday, February 2, 2013

I Dream .

Horror .
They were having a welcome party for the new boy, who moved in 3 weeks ago, in the village .
He gave his new neighbour a polite smile as he took out his wallet .
She look at the picture in the boy's wallet, "You two seem so close then, but why do you seem to ignore him now ?"
"Huh ?"
"There.." She pointed to the picture .
"My brother," he affirmed "yes, we were very close..."
She nodded softly as she looked at the picture closely.
"Hey, he didn't have that scar on his cheek ! Where did he get the scar from anyway .." She pointed at the picture and asked .
"My brother... How did you know..." He became speechless .
"Hmm, i guess he didn't want me to know, he told you to keep it from me too ?! That boy ! " she chuckled lovingly and continued "well i better go find him now, see you around ."
"Hey!" He called out, "but my brother had died 3 years ago ..." His words was not heard by the girl, who went off to find her new 'boyfriend' .

I had a dream and it was creepy, there was a lot more to the story but i couldn't remember the details, all i know was that, i'm that girl and i really did 'see' this other brother in my dream ... Okay maybe it is a sign or something, or maybe i had too many stories in my head that it had to be acted out in my dream .

Haha, maybe i can try writing horror but it would be a fail, really -.-

Now i can't stop thinking about the 'boy' and is giving me creeps ! God !

I can't help but to say i feel like a disappointment :( but i know this is just a rant and i'll feel fine tomorrow, what the hell really, just get over it .

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