Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hello hello

Its been long. Its been hectic. 

So i guess A levels have finished. And i did try my best so much that i find it unbearable to think back on how i studied. :o 

Anyway, so now im back in blogger, might be blogging often now since everything is almost over, but i cant give promises, haha :p btw, the reason i decided to blog again is ambiguous. Perhaps its an inspiration from a certain someone/blog, or maybe its just me wanting to face reality through the virtual world, ironically. 

Graduation night was yesterday, and i had an unexpectedly great time haha. Great phototaking time actually, dinner with Min Er's classmates was damn awks can :o HAHA just saying ~ but oh well, enjoyed my night nonetheless <3 and that one photo that im very satisfied at<3

Now, im getting ready to go back to M'sia ~ see you all soon <3 

Ps. Got into VIXX recently, hope they'll be able to win smtg with their newest comeback, Voodoo Doll <3 shall have a post on my kpop soon ! 

Signed off: Jiatung :)   

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